Accredtied leakage detection

Increase the safety and efficiency of your biogas plant


  • Leakages are not visible but may expose the operators to explosion danger
  • High methane losses result in income losses
  • The biggest losses found at one biogas plant would have resulted in economical losses of more than 25000 £ per year



When is a leakage detection useful?

  • During the starting phase of the plant
  • Before the warranty of the plant expires
  • You need more feedstock than normally to reach the methane output of your plant
  • Low performance of the plant at a good status of the fermenter biology
  • It smells “like biogas” but you cannot detect a leakage


Analytical methods


  • We use a combination of different methods and start the inspection with an hydrocarbon sensitive IR camera.
  • Every lekage detected is evaluated by a set of criteria taking into account CH4 concentration close to the leakage, accessibility  and exposition of the leakage, distance to the next ignition source, potential increase of the   leakage and the emission potential (l CH4/h) the Exposition of the leakage.
  • Our staff is trained (DIN EN ISO 9712) on IR analysis, biogas safety and technology followed by the recommendations of QMaB.



Our services for you


  • You receive a detailed report including pictures and movies
  • All leakages are evaluated according the QMaB standard
  • All leakages are marked and their impact and position is discussed with the operator onsite.



Profit from our Know How


  • Leakage analysis since 2007
  • More than 350 plants were analysed on leakages
  • Qualified Staff (VdTH)
  • Initiating member of QMaB



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