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Bonalytic GmbH is a independent and accredited biogas laboratory. Profit from our experience in the fields of biogas, emissions and waste with most methods accredtied according to EN ISO 17025. AD plant operators, designers, constructors and independent experts rely on our Services.


Biogas Tests

Accredited and thus accepted as evidence in court

Bonalytic is proud to be the first laboratory that offers accredtied analysis of the biogas potential and methan emission potential via a batch test. The service is recommended to check the quality of feedstock for AD plants, to control granted biogas yields, to estimate the methane emission potential and for official documents to prove the performance of the AD plant.

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Your direct access to your personalized biogas laboratory

More than 2.000 biogas plants were visited onsite, samples taken and analysed. This is our sound knowledge base for our fast and competent service.

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Leakage detection on AD plants

Bonalytic offers accredited leagage detection services -for any official inquiry or to clarify quality issues with the biogas plant supplier! More than 400 AD plants all over Europe have beend checked on leakages.

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Accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Publication on leakages (published first in 3/2014 in gwf Gas/Erdgas)
Publication on the comparison of methane sensitive lasers and hydrocaorbon sensitive IR-cameras